Austria's Kurz visits Germany's Merkel in meeting of generations
For many in Germany, Austria's 31-year-old chancellor represents an alternative to veteran Angela Merkel. So how did the two get along when they met in Berlin to talk about migrants, the EU and other issues?
Berliners campaign to limit billboard ads
A campaign has been launched in the German capital to reduce the number of billboards and free up public space. The group behind it, Berlin Werbefrei, says it would help bring back the city's unique character.
North and South Korea to march under unified flag at Winter Olympics
North and South Korea have agreed to make a joint entrance under a unified Korean peninsula flag at the opening ceremony of the upcoming Winter Olympics. They will also send a combined women's ice hockey team.
Bundesliga profitable but 'falling away' from big five leagues
Following concerns from its top brass that the Bundesliga is in danger of losing its place among Europe's elite leagues, a new UEFA report may well prompt fresh doubts. But there is also room for optimism.
Philipp Lahm on retirement: I asked myself whether I could still do it
Former Germany and Bayern Munich captain Philipp Lahm has written about his decision to step away from the game and what lies ahead. In a column for a German newspaper, he said he wanted to exit before his powers waned.
Bundesliga clubs can still offer temporary player contracts after legal case
A former Bundesliga player has seen his legal battle come to an unsuccessful end, to the relief of German clubs. Heinz Müller's case threatened to change the way contracts worked in German football.
In Berlin, Salafist extremist scene nears 1,000 members: report
Berlin's Salafist extremist scene has tripled since 2011, according to a report from Germany's domestic intelligence agency. Russians comprise the largest foreign national group in the scene.
Catalonia's new parliament meets following failed independence bid
The newly elected Catalan parliament has met after a failed attempt at secession from Spain last year. The question remains whether sacked leader Carles Puigdemont will be allowed to present himself for re-election.
Romania: Viorica Dancila set to become first female prime minister
A European Parliament lawmaker has been tapped by the president to lead Romania's government. Her predecessor resigned in the wake of a fallout with leadership within his own Social Democratic party.
France offers to loan Bayeux Tapestry to the UK
The work depicts the bloody conquest of England by the Normans in 1066. Prime Minister Theresa May thanked France ahead of talks with President Emmanuel Macron over migration controls between the two countries.
German, Polish police bust human trafficking ring
Authorities have made five arrests over a smuggling ring that illegally brought Syrians to Germany. A Syrian-Polish family allegedly made €300,000 by trafficking refugees.
Australian Open: Rafael Nadal powers on, teenager Marta Kostyuk shines
The men's No. 1 seed was comfortable in victory, while it was a good day for Ukraine's women, especially teenage star Marta Kostyuk. The news wasn't so good for Germany's highest-ranked woman, Julia Görges, though.
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